Downey's Taekwon-Do Jacket/Hoodies


Once again this year we will be selling Jackets, T-Shirts and Hoodies to help raise funds for the Downey’s TaeKwon-Do Competition Team.

We will be taking orders until November 11, 2017 to allow time to get the items before Christmas. If your payment is not received by this date the order will be cancelled.

This year we are trying something different and orders can be made online at We do not accept payment on this site since it is not a secured shopping site. If you have any problems placing an order online please let Mr. James know. Printed order forms will be made available if you can’t order the item online.

To pay for your order please pay Mr. Kevin James or Mrs. Downey with Cash in class. Place the cash in an envelope with your name and order number written on it. You can also send an E-Transfer to for the amount of your order. 

If you are having your Jacket or Hoodie embroidered you can enter the name you want put on the item during the checkout process online.

Delivery will be at the student’s class. Notification will be posted on social media when the order has arrived.

Sizing Samples will be available in classes first 2 weeks in October.

Questions? Email: or call 709-682-3209

Thanks for supporting our team!!

ANYONE can be a part of the team. Competition is the best way to hone your Taekwon-do skills. It’s also loads of fun!